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The intelligent electrical installation lets you not only dim the lighting, but also create light scenes. It is also possible to set gradual illumination and switching off – in a time mode or automatically in response to the outdoor light intensity or by sensing motion.

It is possible to set the temperature in each room using a single button or application. Switching units or a wireless thermovalve then regulate the heating source, which may be water, electricity or alternative sources.

The garage, just like the gate, can be controlled by a button from inside, by wireless key alarm from the car, or by smartphone application. From the application, you can even open the garage remotely – for the mail carrier bringing you a package – of course only after you see the carrier on the door intercom.

There is also of course control of the blinds (up/down), and it is possible to set time control of the blinds. Special iNELS drivers enable sharp stepping of blind lamellas, and thereby also their rotation to a defined position. Blinds can also be controlled by output from a weather station: sun, wind, presence simulation.

iNELS allows you to measure consumption of electricity, water and gas by meters with impulse output. These meters are available from energy media suppliers. Consumption is shown as time units or directly in terms of money. A graph provides information on history and trends, and a financial limit can be set for sending a notice.

You can switch on or off practically any electric appliance that is connected to the socket, an installation box or a cabinet.

LARA and the iNELS application offer the option of communicating with a visitor at the door – through speaking or seeing. The iMM Server also enables remote access: you will never miss a visit, and family members can phone each other for free.

Multiple video cameras with ONVIF standard can be connected to the system. Video cameras featuring a rotation and zoom function can also be controlled. Selected video cameras can be recorded on the server and the recording can be viewed later.

A part of the system is the alarm, into which it is possible to connect all types of detectors. It will also detect a gas leak or smoke. It triggers an alarm in the building and sends information to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

From one place of house it is enabled to share a music or TV picture over the whole house. Whether you choose audiozone, videozone or LARA , you are able to control it comfortably from app of your smart phone from anywhere.

LARA devices and Inels application will allow you to communicate with members of the family in individual rooms of the home. The communication can also be done through smartphone, if one member is away from home.

The system enables control of pool technology: filter, dosing pH and chlorine, lighting, counter-current, control of pool roof and other accessory functions. Take advantage of data from the weather station (temperature, rain, wind, moisture), and keep your pool protected from bad weather so it is ideally prepared for the swimming.

You will be able to control various household appliances like oven, fridge, coffeemaker, toaster and other appliances, which will allow your home to make you a cup of coffee just before you arrive back home.

The weather station not only provides information, but also allows measured values to be used for control of functions in the home. Temperature values for controlling heating and air conditioning, humidity for sprinklers, wind for the awning, a light intensity sensor for outdoor lighting and sunset/sunrise detectors for rotating the blind lamellas.

iNELS can handle control of central heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems too. Via a Connection server, it is possible to communicate with up to 15 types of the most popular HVAC systems, and others can be custom-implemented. Control of heating is possible from local controllers or centrally.

iNELS contains all the elements necessary for controlling sprinklers and irrigation equipment: switching elements for valves, and temperature and humidity sensors. In addition, in combination with the weather forecast server, sprinkling or irrigation can be blocked as rain approaches.



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