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Multiple video cameras with ONVIF standard can be connected to the system. Video cameras featuring a rotation and zoom function can also be controlled. Selected video cameras can be recorded on the server and the recording can be viewed later.

A part of the system is the alarm, into which it is possible to connect all types of detectors. It will also detect a gas leak or smoke. It triggers an alarm in the building and sends information to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

iNELS allows you to measure consumption of electricity, water and gas by meters with impulse output. These meters are available from energy media suppliers. Consumption is shown as  time units or directly in terms of money. A graph provides information on history and trends, and a financial limit can be set for sending a notice.

The intelligent electrical installation lets you not only dim the lighting, but also create light scenes. It is also possible to set gradual illumination and switching off – in a time mode or automatically in response to the outdoor light intensity or by sensing motion.

It is possible to set the temperature in each room using a single button or application. Switching units or a wireless thermovalve then regulate the heating source, which may be water, electricity or alternative sources.

There is also of course basic control of the blinds (up/down), and it is possible to set time control of the blinds. Special iNELS drivers enable sharp stepping of blind lamellas, and thereby also their rotation to a defined position. Blinds can also be controlled by output from a weather station: sun, wind, presence simulation.



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